These series appeared as reaction on todays time perception. I started thinking about the way we sense minutes, hours, months, years. May be time speed changes exponentially and now it increases quickly.


Once in a Moscow cafe I overheard a conversation between two hipsters. I guess they were about twenty years old. They discussed popular blockbusters and then began talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger. One of them mentioned «Last Action Hero». And the other said: «God, this is an ancient movie!» I choked over my cappuccino when I heard it. Well, well, I thought, they call early 90s «ancient»! And what about «The Terminator», letting alone « Hercules in New York»? By all appearances, they are prehistorical. 


When I studied at school I listened to music my parents liked. In particular, I adored Paul Anka. For me he was atemporal. Though his songs had been recorded before I was born. «Ancient», or better to say «old» were for me than silent films with Charlie Chaplin. 

Reflecting of time as a category I started examining people in metro. Most people of my age and younger read eBooks or play games. 

And at the same time they listen to music through earbuds at a very high volume level, so that  sitting nearby I can guess the musical style.  

I supposed that, the flow of visual and auditory information a person receives in metro together with constant audiovisual noise is divided into segments equal to the distance between the stations. This idea led me to the method I used in «Subway. Fast Food – Fast Video». Using my smartphone I assemble one video strictly during one trip (I’m not allowed to spent more time on it). And it consists of different pieces that may not be connected with each other and that were filmed at different times at different places. And together these pieces create an atemporal picture where past, present and future go on simultaneously. This is a sort of fourth dimension like on the planet Tralfamadore invented by Kurt Vonnegut. 

These series reflect the pace of life. The information we receive is reduced to cut out images.  

The project in progress. In 2016 the project was a part of the personal show "WHAT IS THE TIME?", Moscow Museum of Modern Art.